An Epiphany at 32

The other night I had one of those moments of clarity that is both terrifying and freeing at the same time.

My friend mentioned that she thought she had a bit of social anxiety, and I’ll admit I laughed it off- she’s lovely, I can’t imagine her with social anxiety… BUT then she described her social anxiety… and it was like she was inside my head.

So I’ll admit it, I’m Ashley and I have a touch of social anxiety. Read More »


Accepting Reality One Meltdown at a Time


Just in case I haven’t already admitted it, I will do it again. I am totally overwhelmed by my kids.

There are days when I am overwhelmed with joy that that are mine.

Other days when I am overwhelmed by their awesomeness.

But honestly, most days I am overwhelmed with the sheer task of shaping these three tiny monsters into respectable members of society.

Maybe I am easily overwhelmed. Read More »

SHUT UP!… a great way to start summer

I love Harry Potter dearly, but I do not love his pre-tween attitudes.

Yes “pre-tween” is a thing.

Harry Potter is a sassy kid. He’s the king of eye rolls, loud sighs, and saying things like “Seriously?!”

I’m sure I deserve his sassiness. I wasn’t a meek and mild child myself. I have a sarcastic side, I have mastered the eye roll, and everyone knows my kids say “seriously” because it’s my favorite overused phrase.

But heaven help me with that attitude. It is going to take ever ounce of self control not to lose my temper with that kid. Read More »