Photography By AsthmaMan and Harry Potter

I’d like to think that at this point there aren’t a lot of things my kids can do to shock me. I know I’m naive, but seriously, these kids enjoy shocking people with their bad behavior/silliness so we’ve seen a lot. But every once in awhile they somehow manage to…shock and horrify me.

This morning I got a notification that new photos had been uploaded to our family Google Photos account. Naively thinking it was photos of our new house Mr. Spreadsheets had taken, I logged in and looked.

Wrong move. Read More »


Parenting Advice: Only Experienced Applicants Need Apply

IMG_6888It’s been awhile. We’ve been living life, and as it turns out life with three littles, a part time job, and all the other things life brings is… well busy, so there are few things that have gotten sidelined lately, and now we are slowly (considering) getting back on track.

Can we take a few short minutes and talk about getting advice on kids. Awesome, let’s do it.

So I have three kids and as you might imagine, I also have quite a few questions about raising those three kids into functioning members of society. These questions range from how to do I get them to eat their vegetables, to how the heck do I teach them to poop in the toilet (true story friends, turns out kids don’t come programed knowing how to do that).

For the most part I really do appreciate advice on how to shape these feral children into halfway decent human beings, but wait for it… now I’m going to say something really offensive (no it actually is). I don’t love advice on child rearing from people who don’t actually have kids. Read More »

Saying No and Staying Home


This is the first fall that I have decided to hibernate.

My kids will tell you that I love to sign us up for activities, schedule playdates, and basically keep them running all day every day.

It’s not unheard of for us to have 3-4 playdates a week, plus sports practice, homework, and whatever other activities we participate in.

But not this fall. Read More »



Mr. Spreadsheets and I took the Meyers-Briggs personality test the other day.

I’m a skeptical person, so I don’t put much stock in personality tests… but the results were scary accurate.

Mr. Spreadsheets took the test for me, and then I took it for myself… same answer. Either I’m the most predictable person out there, or he knows me well. I think I’m going to go with the second one.

Without a doubt I am a ISTJ. Read More »

An Epiphany at 32

The other night I had one of those moments of clarity that is both terrifying and freeing at the same time.

My friend mentioned that she thought she had a bit of social anxiety, and I’ll admit I laughed it off- she’s lovely, I can’t imagine her with social anxiety… BUT then she described her social anxiety… and it was like she was inside my head.

So I’ll admit it, I’m Ashley and I have a touch of social anxiety. Read More »