Navy Blue and Grey: Boring or Just “Plain” Smart


I’m probably the most boring dresser alive.

My favorite clothes are navy blue and grey. I like stripes and solids and that’s about it.

I live in jeans, I don’t do bright colors or wild patterns, I’m not sure I own anything pink, and I don’t do spandex.

I wear a lot of t-shirts, the occasional sweater, hoodie, and superhero shirt.

I don’t wear jewelry except a watch, my hair and makeup are… boring, there’s not a better way to describe them.Read More »


Pee Puddles

Warning: There is going to be a LOT of bathroom talk in this post. If pee makes you sick you probably should move along.

One of my very favorite ways to start the morning is by stepping in a puddle of pee.

I especially love it when it is still dark and I’m wearing socks.

It’s awesome. Oh wait… I hate this.

I would really prefer my kids NEVER come into my bedroom, let alone use the bathroom.

They make a giant mess in there, I want this to be the one place free from legos, juice, and plastic dinos.

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“Stop Trying to Squeeze Off Your Sister’s Head!”: The Spreadsheets Do Church Part II

Hair done, bowties on, best time to fight. 

I literally whisper yelled the sentence “STOP trying to squeeze off your sister’s head!” during church today. More specifically I whisper yelled this during the closing prayer, just an FYI things are pretty quiet during prayers.

Today was another amazing church day, I thought that with time AsthmaMan’s church behavior would improve… no, I thought wrong. Instead we’ve gone in the opposite direction.

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“Does this dress make me look chubby?”

Harry Potter was with me as I got ready for church this morning.

For some reason church makes me super self conscious, every week I go into my closet and draw the conclusion that all my clothes are ugly.

I know it makes no sense, no one cares, no one notices, logically I understand this, maybe it’s that this is my “dressiest” occasion these days, maybe it is because my children are terrible at church and I feel like everyone is looking at us, maybe I am just crazy, I really have no idea.

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