Tantrums, Lollipops, and the Worst Mother Ever

AsthmaMan had an EPIC tantrum at the store today.

He pulled out all his best tricks, he was screaming at the top of his lungs, hitting me, attempting to run away, and telling the cashier I was the “worst mom ever!!!!!”

It was a thing of beauty, one of the those tantrums made for the movies, or at least for YouTube.

It was so bad that Harry Potter  told me “Mom he’s bothering the other people make him stop!” Funny the he would notice a tantrum could be disruptive to other shoppers…

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Getting through the “Off” days

An “Off” day a few months back. Maybe she was just angry to be dressed in her brothers’ hand me downs.

Do you ever have “off” days, sadly I don’t mean days off, if you have kiddos that is a thing of the past. I mean blah days, days where everyone and everything are irritating, where for whatever reason you feel just a little bit yucky, and the only way to improve things is to eat lots of cookies or go to bed, because cookies are awesome and 8 hours without talking to anyone is the best solution.

Kids have off days too.

Because I’m a grown up I have to cope with off days, sure I want to scream and hide in my room, but as that isn’t a realistic option, I get on with my life.

Kids don’t know how to do this. Kids having bad days is much worse than having one yourself.

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Sibling Friends: Learning to Let Go of the Mom Guilt


Some of my favorite childhood memories are of spending time with my siblings. We didn’t go on fancy vacations, or spend much time at paid activities, but we had fun.

I remember summer mornings spent playing Chex Quest (an awesome game we got in a cereal box), Where in Time is Carmen San Diego, and Roller Coaster Tycoon. I remember afternoons spent jumping on the trampoline playing games like “Surfin’ USA” (this involves coating the entire trampoline with a thick layer of dish soap and then spraying it with the hose, while running across and yelling “SURFIN’ USA!”, it’s a miracle we made it out with out any broken bones), “Wally Ball” soccer with a giant exercise ball in the living room,  and hours spent at the Rec Center pool attempting to touch the bottom in the 12 foot section.Read More »

Finding a “Housekeeper”


A few months before the Princess was born we decided to put the boys in the same room. Harry Potter has some major sleep issues and we thought the combination of getting his tonsils out and getting a roommate would improve life for everyone.

Plus with a new baby on the way it seemed like a great opportunity to consolidate and save space (but let’s be real we don’t need a guest room so that was pointless). Harry Potter had a huge room so we figured two kids and all their stuff would fit nicely.

All the stuff fit great, AsthmaMan was a little bit sad to leave his room across the hall, but he’s pretty relaxed so he did great.

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