Hand Me Downs Are a MAJOR Disappointment!

Hand me downs are a MAJOR disappointment. Before you think I’m fancy, let me elaborate.

I grew up with hand me downs, some of my favorite clothes were handed down from friends and neighbors.

My favorite pair of shorts in middle school was bright yellow with citrus fruits (it was the late 90’s)… they were hand me downs.

I’m not against hand me downs, I love everything about the  hand me down concept.

I love saving money, skipping shopping, and reducing the amount of stuff brought into our already cluttered house.

But here’s the thing, hand me downs only sort of work in practice.

I thought having two boys in a row was awesome, I figured that they would be able to share everything.  I was stoked about all the money we would save when we got confirmation that the second child was a boy.

But it turns out that hand me downs was just a nice theory.

Our first mistake was having kids during opposite times of the year. The oldest boy was born during the hottest July in a century… the second boy was born in mid-December. While we did briefly consider buying long socks to turn the hand me down shorts into pants (yes, Mr. Spreadsheets really did make this suggestion), we ended up buying AsthmMan his own pants… because the socks idea was terrible. And then the third child was a girl… so there’s that.

The boys do share some things. There are a few items that survive life at our house and find their way to the hand me down bin, most of these are pajamas and church clothes.

When I put items in the hand me down bin I think they have a lot of life left in them. But for some reason when I pull them out, they are covered in stains, misshapen, or ripped. There’s something about that bin that destroys clothes. I went through the bin today, and all I could think was “why the heck did I save this!?”

AsthmaMan is relatively easy on his clothes. His stuff can be passed down. There might be a stain here or there, but rarely are there holes, grease stains, or just huge rips. If the Princess was a boy, she’d be set, but she’s not, and AsthmaMan is the second child.

Rarely do many of Harry Potter’s clothes make it to the bin. He is hard on clothes, they are ripped, stained, and stretched. There are times when I consider forcing AsthmaMan to wear Harry Potter’s old stuff… but then he looks like a ragamuffin so we have to reconsider, or at least supplement.

So I maintain, hand me downs are great in theory, but a failure in practice at our house. Unless of course you happen to be inheriting clothes from AsthmaMan or the Princess, and then you’re set.

Is this true for everyone? Am I doing hand me downs wrong?


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