Lessons Learned From Dodgeball


Harry Potter went to sports camp this week… he learned to play dodgeball among other games.

Do you remember dodgeball from elementary school? Nothing good can come from dodgeball.

I’m not one of those moms who keeps their kid in a plastic bubble. I encourage my kids to “suck it up” and “walk it off”. Ok I’m a mean mom.

My boys have to “work it out” themselves unless someone is bleeding.

But dodgeball… dodgeball is the worst.

So Harry Potter came home from camp STOKED to play dodgeball with AsthmaMan.

Except by play… he meant throw a basketball at AsthmaMan’s poor unsuspecting face.

Yep… that went well.

No one cried at all. Oh wait, that’s not how things went down.

So AsthmaMan was crushed. He’d missed Harry Potter all morning and Harry Potter tried to break his nose (unintentionally of course) by throwing a fully inflated basketball at his face.

And then… he got angry.

He tried to get him back, but he’s a good 25 pounds lighter and 10 inches shorter so he didn’t get to far.

But then he had an idea (two actually).

He waited silently around the corner for Harry Potter, and then when Harry Potter had been lulled into a false sense of security he pelted him with the ball.

His aim was a bit off, so he didn’t inflict the damage he’d hoped.

Then he had idea number 2.



I didn’t hold Harry Potter down, but we may have “played a quick round of dodgeball, where both AsthmaMan and I threw balls at him.

We used soft  squishy balls… but he got the point… dodgeball isn’t a nice game.

No more dodgeball for the Spreadsheets.



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