Month: August 2017

Who You Gonna Call?


I listened to a great episode of This American Life today.

Side note: If you don’t already listen to This American Life, start today. 

 And back to reality.

So I listened to an episode of This American Life about the people we call first- the people we call when things are awesome, and the people we call when life sucks (was that rude?).

Do you have those people in your life?

I totally do.

Except I don’t call them, I text them.



…and we’re back!


This is our first week back to school, or as I like to call it- the beginning of reality.

Those last two weeks of summer were rough.

The kids were sick of each other, me, and every activity I had planned. They fought constantly with each other and with their friends.

By the time open house rolled around last week, the boys were beside themselves with excitement. Like to the point that neither of them wanted to leave open house.