Road Construction is Amazing Said NO Mom Ever


Last night I was stuck in traffic… for hours.

Literally hours.

In the space of an hour, I moved less than 2 miles.

At some point I gave up and put the car in park.


If you haven’t had the privilege of driving on I-35 in Texas, I recommend avoiding it like the plague. I-35 is terrible.

I-35 between Temple and Austin is particularly terrible.

It is almost as fun as gouging out your own eyes.

There are two things that “enhance” the I-35 experience:

  1. When the freeway is just SHUT down.
  2. When you are trapped in the car with small children.

Last night I-35 was shut down for “construction”.

In my two hours of sitting there waiting to move on with my life I saw exactly… 0 construction workers.

It’s a darn good thing the freeway was CLOSED for construction since so much work was getting done.

Oh wait… there were no workers and no work getting done.

I wanted to punch someone.


I wasn’t traveling alone. Getting stuck in traffic is frustrating when traveling alone, but it is terrifying when you’re trapped with kids… especially sleeping kids.

If your kids are like mine, they will sleep only as long as the car is moving… when you’re going 0 miles an hour the car isn’t moving and they aren’t sleeping.

They are screaming.

It’s beautiful and not frustrating in the slightest.

I LOVE traffic.



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