We were eating lunch and my mom asked why AsthmaMan’s pants were wet.

Actually scratch that, she tried to nicely tell me that he peed his pants.

I assured her that he was fully potty trained and didn’t pee his pants. My parents are watching the kids all week, I don’t want to scare them before I get on the airplane and head out of town. 

We moved on with the conversation, but 5 minutes later I looked at him and had this conversation:

Me: AsthmaMan what happened to your pants?

AsthmaMan: I peed

Me: WHY?!

AsthmaMan: Because

I had no response.

Why would you pee your pants and then sit in it? Or better yet, why would you pee your pants!!

And for the record, he rarely ever pees his pants. I hope that stays true while we are gone!



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