Starting Off on the Right Foot

Monday Morning Bathroom Cleaning- HECK YES!

Mr. Spreadsheets will tell you that I am one of those people that have to start the day off on the right foot.

Some people can start off with chaos and have a perfectly cheery day… I am not one of those people. 

Kids waking me up before dawn (literally) pretty much ruins my day. At the very least it puts me in a bad mood for the morning.

Messes left over from the day before and list of unfinished tasks, result in anxiety and anger.

I start the day best with a clean house, a list of tasks to accomplish, and a plan for the day.

Despite popular opinion, I am not a “fly by the seat of my pants” person. I don’t like to spend time wondering what we are going to do that day and how we can clean up from the previous day.

I meal plan. Sure I may not plan what we are have on what day, but I know what our options are.

I keep a calendar on my fridge and on my phone. I like to know what the next 30 days bring.

I like to prepare, I like contingency plans, and I like to be in control.


That’s why I start Monday mornings by cleaning all the bathrooms in my house.

If you ever want to use a bathroom at my house, come on a Monday.

My goal is to have all three bathrooms cleaned by 8:15am.

It starts the week off on the right foot.

I feel accomplished.

I wash away all the weekend grime, put away all the toys, change the towels, put out new soap, and revel in the momentarily handprint free mirror (why do kids touch the mirror?).

Cleaning the bathroom starts my week off right. Every time I go help a kid in the bathroom, run to wash something gross off my hands, or dare I say attempt to use the bathroom, I am reminded that despite what the rest of the day and week bring, I did something, I finished a task, and I checked one thing off my list.

Start cleaning your bathroom(s) on Mondays, it sounds crazy, but you might just love it.

On a similar note, I wash all the floors on Thursday, why not start the weekend with clean floors… do it, you’ll love it.



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