You’re Bleeding… Again?!

FullSizeRender-7Do you ever have those moments with your kids when you just have to stand back and ask yourself how they got hurt… again?

AsthmaMan has had a recent string of facial injuries.

As we all know facial injuries result in two things:

  1. A LOT of screaming
  2. A LOT of blood

The first one resulted in his top teeth puncturing his face… right below his bottom lip. It was beautiful.

It healed quickly, but then he picked off the scab… and now he has a scar.

How did his teeth come through his face you might ask?

Oh well that’s easy, he was jumping off the couch upstairs and hit his face on the chair next to it.


The second injury was an accidental tongue piercing. That was the result of… well I’m not entirely sure, but it happened about five days after the first one.

We were at the park, there was a lot of screaming and a lot of blood.

He insisted on wearing his bike helmet on the playground and he was running around. My guess is he tripped and fell… because he was running in a helmet.

The park is literally stained with his blood.

That’s how much there was.

He was GUSHING blood. If Mr. Spreadsheets had been there he might have passed out.

And if you’re wondering, yes, he did pierce his tongue with his own teeth.

And no we did not leave the park.

His tongue is totally fine now, but he doesn’t really want to go back to that park.

The last injury (can this please be the last one), happened less than two days after tongue piercing incident.

He was waiting in “line” to get himself a drink of water from the fridge when he started screaming and spitting blood.

I still don’t know how this happened. He was just standing right there. Not running, jumping, or even walking.

It’s a mystery.

I’m hopeful our two weeks of bad luck was just that. I’m hoping we are back to normal, where no one’s face bleeds ever.

How does this happen?



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