Surprise! Yay for Vomit Puddles

Non vomit day when she practiced getting out of her bed. 

You know how sometimes you have a plan, and then all of a sudden you need a new plan? Vomit puddles seem to do that to us.

Sorry if vomit bothers you… you aren’t cleaning it up… but feel free to skip this post.

I went to get the Princess from her bed this morning and she was COVERED in throw up.

Like it was all over her bed, in her hair, on her clothes, and all over the floor in front of her crib.

At no point in the night did she cry or make a sound that would indicate that she’d thrown up.

The Princess and AsthmaMan have the gift of silent vomiting.

Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate this because I hate the sound of throwing up, but it creates issues.

We can be driving in the car and arrive somewhere and one of them will be covered in throw up and smiling.

We can be at the grocery store and I look down and there’s a puddle of throw up… for real.

They don’t cry or give any indication as to what happened… they are just covered in throw up.

So the Princess threw up everywhere… including all over her three (yes three, more on that later) security blankets.

She was happy until I took her out of the throw up, stripped of her clothes, and put her in the bath.

Oh and I threw her blankets into the washing machine on the hottest setting.

Then she really wanted those vomit covered blankets.

She screamed a lot.

She saw me put them in the drier and then stood and waited until they could come out.

I think the only thing worse than a vomit covered child is a sad vomit covered child waiting for their security objects to be clean.

It’s pretty pathetic, what sick kid doesn’t want to snuggle with their special stuff.

So let’s just say the day can only improve (for everyone) from here.

Happy Tuesday!


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