Faux Fur: A Must Have in Any Girl’s Wardrobe?

Forget princess dresses, she’s a superhero… also we don’t own any princess clothes.

Can we take a few minutes and chat about girl clothes?

When we found out that the Princess was in fact a girl (I can’t tell you how many times Mr. Spreadsheets made the ultrasound tech check and then recheck that she was actually a girl), I was stoked.

I was thrilled for a lot of reasons, but I have to admit that I thought girl clothes would be so fun.

And girl clothes are so fun… but… well there are some things that just frustrate me.

Maybe it’s that I have two boys and boy clothes are primarily designed for comfort and function.

Jeans, t shirts, and basketball shorts are the boy uniform.

My boys wear collared shirts for family pictures and church, and in both cases the shirts are shed immediately after the activity.

The comfier the outfit the better, it also helps if it clashes terribly.

But girl clothes…

It’s a whole new ball game.

When I buy the boys clothes I try and stay away from things with stupid phrases, skulls, and scary dinosaurs.

But there are ton of great choices, two tone shirts, stripes, cool science shirts, etc.

The girl section has… less of that.

I went to buy the Princess a few more t-shirts today, because as it turns out winter isn’t coming…ever and her long sleeved shirts aren’t going to work.

Anyway we went to Target and scouted out the t-shirt section.

We were looking for patterned t-shirts, solid t-shirts, or shirts with some semi decent picture.


Everything was covered in glitter or tulle, and had a stupid phrase like “best girl ever” and “most awesome smile”.

Are you kidding me?

Why is everything covered in glitter, and why can’t girls wear cool science shirts? Why can’t girls like dinosaurs, and seriously what about a batman shirt for a girl? We checked to boy section too, but they didn’t have anything in her size.

We did find a LOT of faux fur vests (seriously who NEEDS this), and fluffy clothes that aren’t meant for keeping up with big brothers.

Yep, this add is for real.

Maybe it’s because I have two rough and dirty boys that have tricked my sweet daughter into being rough and dirty, but I look at these leggings, and fancy shirts and all I can think is that there’s no way that is park attire.

Oh and you know what I found in the shoe section? Toddler heels. For real. What are they supposed to do with these?

The Princess is already starting to assert her preferences.

She prefers jeans to leggings, shorts or pants to a dress, she likes soft t-shirts, and she loves her ninja turtle flip flops.

I blame it on myself, I hate dresses and fancy clothes, I like jeans and t-shirts, you can move around and function in these clothes.

Sorry Mom, I’ve ruined the next generation, thank goodness I put bows in her hair.

But seriously, can someone explain to me why the girl clothes are just so impractical? How are you supposed to climb stairs, slide down slides, and run free at the park in some of the clothes that are out there for toddlers.

And seriously, why is a faux fur vest a “must have” item?


2 thoughts on “Faux Fur: A Must Have in Any Girl’s Wardrobe?

  1. I feel your pain with the limited section of things for girls. Boy stuff seems to encourage adventure and be much more empowering. Have you checked out primary.com for plain solids? It’s my favorite for buying onesies to cut heat transfer vinyl for.


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