The Pitter Patter of Little Feet at 5:07am

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not nice when I get woken up early.

I’m just not.

You know those people that are sweet and loving and say things like “oh honey you had a nightmare? Let’s cuddle.”

I’m basically the opposite of those people.

I’m grumpy, I don’t want to snuggle, and nothing I say makes sense.

At 5:07am the light outside my bedroom turned on.

At first I assumed it was Mr. Spreadsheets just getting home from work… wouldn’t that be great if that hadn’t been my first thought?

But he was snoring beside me.

Nope… it was AsthmaMan digging through the coloring supplies…

at 5:07am.

As adults we know this cannot end well.

I took his hand and started to lead him to his room (which is upstairs), when I noticed that Harry Potter’s light was on…

at 5:07am.

Harry Potter is a notoriously bad sleeper and he has a very quick temper… this is a bad combination. I can’t think of any reason, short of the house being on fire that Harry Potter needed to be up this early, especially on a school day.

One peek in Harry Potter’s room told me that they’d been playing for… a good long while.

Harry Potter’s previously vacuum ready floor looked like a Lego graveyard, there were legs, torsos, heads, and weapons strewn about…

at 5:07am.

I dragged AsthmaMan and his paraphernalia back upstairs, not so nicely shut his door and said “WE DON”T PLAY LEGOS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT!” and headed back down to check on Harry Potter.

He informed me that AsthmaMan arrived around 1:40am… he exaggerates a bit, so let’s say he arrived around 4am.. for real?

Why play in the middle of the night!?

Guess how cheerful they were around 6:30am when it was time for school?

Poor Harry Potter had dark circles under his eyes and asked to stay home and AsthmaMan was sleeping blissfully in his bed… where he stayed until 8:30am because it wasn’t a preschool day.

After a few hours a the park AsthmaMan was a mess, despite being offered the chance to naps he’s not, and his room looks like a tornado ripped through it.

I’m going out on a limb and saying that the rest of day is going to vary between screaming fits, hysterical crying, punctuated by so much three year old violence that bedtime has been moved up to 5pm…



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