Lessons For My Daughter


I recently watched my 2 year old daughter chat up one of my close friends at an early morning t-ball game.

She had been sitting next to me, but when she noticed my friend sitting a little way down the bench she ran over and started chatting.

We’d been in the same spot less than 12 hours earlier, and this friend and I had spent a  good portion of that game chatting, this was just one of the many times my sweet daughter has watched us interact. To my daughter, talking and laughing with a friend is the only way to spend a baseball game, and really who can blame her?Read More »


Splish Splash I was takin’ a bath… in the toilet


All three kids were playing upstairs while I made dinner tonight.

The boys were loud, but the Princess was quiet.

Ever since she learned to climb up and down the stairs unassisted she’s been unstoppable. She insists on following her brothers everywhere… whether that be upstairs, at the park, up in the treehouse, or to the bus stop, she’s no longer content to sit with mom.

So the kids were playing upstairs, but after a few minutes of not hearing the Princess I started to worry. Silence from a kid is rarely a good thing… unless they’re sleeping.Read More »


We were eating lunch and my mom asked why AsthmaMan’s pants were wet.

Actually scratch that, she tried to nicely tell me that he peed his pants.

I assured her that he was fully potty trained and didn’t pee his pants. My parents are watching the kids all week, I don’t want to scare them before I get on the airplane and head out of town. Read More »