We were eating lunch and my mom asked why AsthmaMan’s pants were wet.

Actually scratch that, she tried to nicely tell me that he peed his pants.

I assured her that he was fully potty trained and didn’t pee his pants. My parents are watching the kids all week, I don’t want to scare them before I get on the airplane and head out of town. Read More »

Finding a “Housekeeper”


A few months before the Princess was born we decided to put the boys in the same room. Harry Potter has some major sleep issues and we thought the combination of getting his tonsils out and getting a roommate would improve life for everyone.

Plus with a new baby on the way it seemed like a great opportunity to consolidate and save space (but let’s be real we don’t need a guest room so that was pointless). Harry Potter had a huge room so we figured two kids and all their stuff would fit nicely.

All the stuff fit great, AsthmaMan was a little bit sad to leave his room across the hall, but he’s pretty relaxed so he did great.

They started sharing a room and things went… ok.Read More »

“Mom you KILL fun!”

Can I just say that I wish I was constantly recording all the conversations I have with my kids, they are just so funny. I have a hard time not laughing sometimes, their logic is spot on!

Harry Potter and I had this conversation as I was making lunch today.

HP: Mom can I have a donut?

A: No, you had a donut at the park. You need to eat real food now.


A: I’m sorry that you feel that way, I’m ok being the fun killer.

HP: Grammy and Poppy must have been the worst, you learned to kill fun from them!!

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“Does this dress make me look chubby?”

Harry Potter was with me as I got ready for church this morning.

For some reason church makes me super self conscious, every week I go into my closet and draw the conclusion that all my clothes are ugly.

I know it makes no sense, no one cares, no one notices, logically I understand this, maybe it’s that this is my “dressiest” occasion these days, maybe it is because my children are terrible at church and I feel like everyone is looking at us, maybe I am just crazy, I really have no idea.

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Conversations I Never Thought I’d Have

Over the past five years I have had a lot of conversations I never thought I would have.

For example, this afternoon I tucked my three year old (AsthmaMan) into bed, read him a story, and told him sweet dreams and then proceeded down the stairs.

By the time I reached the laundry room at the bottom of the stairs (maybe 35 seconds later if I walked really slow) he was screaming HYSTERICALLY.

I ran back up to find him COVERED in throw up.

And by covered I mean everything around him was covered.

I had to peel off the vomit covered clothes and sheets and rush him to the shower.

When he calmed down (because let’s be honest if you had produced that much vomit in that short of a time period you would be hysterical too) he told me that he threw up because he ate a pancake that he found in his bed.

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