Volume Control Isn’t Important


Every time we go out in public we are a freak show.

I kid you not, we are the family that you can hear from across the store, the one that you avoid, the family where the kids are hitting each other and screaming, and yes…the family that is trying to moon the other customers.

That’s us.

There’s a reason I try and get our shopping done before 10am. Read More »


The Dirty Dishes Stage


There are days when I’m certain this phase of life might actually kill me off.

After a day of breaking up fights, making meals that people request and don’t intend to eat, listening to whining about…everything, running kids from one activity to the next, attempting to keep up with laundry and dishes, and trying to maintain order with three young ruffians, my sanity hangs by a very feeble thread.

There are days when I can’t wait for this phase of life to be over.

I ask Mr. Spreadsheets, “Won’t it be great when our kids are bigger?”

I dream of the days when they are all potty trained, when everyone can feed themselves, and when they need me just a little bit less.

Every time I say this, I am reminded that there are phases of life that we’ve completed. Read More »

Tough Mom Love


Back in the day, when I had one child,  I was one of those moms that talked to their kids about their feelings on… everything.

I distinctly remember Harry Potter throwing a massive fit over the color of his socks and then getting down on his level and talking about how the socks made him feel.

I’m sorry, my three kid mom self can’t even fathom finding the time for that conversation, let alone maintaining my cool during it.Read More »

Finding the “Good”


I’d like to believe that contrary to popular opinion, most people are good.

I’d like to believe that most people are doing what they can to live good lives, and that people have the best of intentions most of the time.

I’d like to believe that most people are focused on raising good kids, doing the best that they can at work, and building their communities.

I’d like to believe the small contributions we make in our own homes, families, and circles of influence make a difference in the world around us. Read More »