A Time of Transition

IMG_9835We are in a time of transition.

We are going from the parents of babies to the parents of kids.

I loved my babies, but I love that we are moving into a new phase of life.  (more…)


Learning to Leave the House

I don’t enjoy taking my kids in public.

I know it sounds terrible.

I mean there are some public places I’m thrilled to take them: the park, Walmart, Costco, the library… you know places where people wear pajamas and there’s a 90% chance you’re going to run into another child having an epic meltdown.

I do NOT like taking them anywhere they need to be quiet. (more…)

Lucky Number Three


Before we had kids people asked us “when are you going to have kids?”

They’d casually pop the question into a conversation, almost as if they thought we’d never thought of having kids and they were presenting us with a brand new concept.

Once we had Harry Potter, people immediately started asking when we were going to have another child.

After AsthmaMan the questions about if we were trying for a girl started… I think before he even left the hospital.

Now we get the question, “are you done?” (more…)