We were eating lunch and my mom asked why AsthmaMan’s pants were wet.

Actually scratch that, she tried to nicely tell me that he peed his pants.

I assured her that he was fully potty trained and didn’t pee his pants. My parents are watching the kids all week, I don’t want to scare them before I get on the airplane and head out of town. Read More »

Lessons Learned From Dodgeball


Harry Potter went to sports camp this week… he learned to play dodgeball among other games.

Do you remember dodgeball from elementary school? Nothing good can come from dodgeball.

I’m not one of those moms who keeps their kid in a plastic bubble. I encourage my kids to “suck it up” and “walk it off”. Ok I’m a mean mom.

My boys have to “work it out” themselves unless someone is bleeding.

But dodgeball… dodgeball is the worst.Read More »

Hand Me Downs Are a MAJOR Disappointment!

Hand me downs are a MAJOR disappointment. Before you think I’m fancy, let me elaborate.

I grew up with hand me downs, some of my favorite clothes were handed down from friends and neighbors.

My favorite pair of shorts in middle school was bright yellow with citrus fruits (it was the late 90’s)… they were hand me downs.

I’m not against hand me downs, I love everything about the  hand me down concept.

I love saving money, skipping shopping, and reducing the amount of stuff brought into our already cluttered house.

But here’s the thing, hand me downs only sort of work in practice.

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Embracing the “Authentic” You


Lately I’ve been hearing the phrase “be authentic”.

My first reaction is to quote Princess Bride “You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means”, but once I got passed that I started thinking.

I want people to have the impression that I have my life (mostly) together.

Actually, scratch that, I actually want to have my life together.

The reality is that we are taking things on an hourly basis.Read More »

Cleaning for Control

I’m a control freak. It’s ok, I’m old enough that I can admit it. I like to be in control, but I have three small children, so control isn’t something that I have a lot of.

I find myself looking for little things I can control, things like how clean the kitchen floor is.

I use these little things as a way to make up for the control I don’t have over other areas of my life… like how long it takes to leave the house.

Mr. Spreadsheets will tell you, that in addition to being a control freak, I’m also a clean freak.

I can’t sleep with dishes in the sink, I start cleaning the kitchen before everyone is finished with dinner, messes make me anxious… that’s why I avert my eyes when I walk upstairs in an effort to avoid seeing the playroom disaster.

I hate hate hate mess.

If you came to my house, you’d be shocked I feel this way.

Finding control in cleanliness isn’t a new thing for me. I’ve always looked to cleaning as a way to calm down and “fix” a frustrating situation.

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