Thanksgiving Lunch Disaster

This was the calm before the storm.

Occasionally I find myself in a situation where things spiral out of control… really really quickly.

Today was one of those situations. Boy howdy was it one of those situations. Read More »


Lessons Learned From Dodgeball


Harry Potter went to sports camp this week… he learned to play dodgeball among other games.

Do you remember dodgeball from elementary school? Nothing good can come from dodgeball.

I’m not one of those moms who keeps their kid in a plastic bubble. I encourage my kids to “suck it up” and “walk it off”. Ok I’m a mean mom.

My boys have to “work it out” themselves unless someone is bleeding.

But dodgeball… dodgeball is the worst.Read More »

Sibling Friends: Learning to Let Go of the Mom Guilt


Some of my favorite childhood memories are of spending time with my siblings. We didn’t go on fancy vacations, or spend much time at paid activities, but we had fun.

I remember summer mornings spent playing Chex Quest (an awesome game we got in a cereal box), Where in Time is Carmen San Diego, and Roller Coaster Tycoon. I remember afternoons spent jumping on the trampoline playing games like “Surfin’ USA” (this involves coating the entire trampoline with a thick layer of dish soap and then spraying it with the hose, while running across and yelling “SURFIN’ USA!”, it’s a miracle we made it out with out any broken bones), “Wally Ball” soccer with a giant exercise ball in the living room,  and hours spent at the Rec Center pool attempting to touch the bottom in the 12 foot section.Read More »

Brotherly Love or Not So Much

My boys have a love hate relationship, they are just close enough in age to like of some the same things, but just far apart to be competitive about everything. 

I grew up with brothers, I watched them fight and make up, but I don’t remember it being quite so drastic.

My boys ask about each other first thing every morning without fail. They want to be together, but when they are… well it is a volatile situation.

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