Some Exclusions May Apply: Finding Friends as an Adult

Can we start off by admitting that finding friends at any age is rough?

I’d venture to say that finding friends as an adult is even harder than finding friends as a teenager.

Can we also agree that this is one of the funniest prom pictures out there? There are so many great things about this picture. Please say you’re laughing.


I was one of those kids lucky enough to find good friends young. I had many of the same friends throughout elementary, middle, and high school.

There’s something about being friends from the time you learn to tie your shoes until the time you leave for college that just makes life easier.

I knew there were mean kids out there, especially mean girls, but because we spent so much time in our insulated band friend bubble, the mean girls played a smaller role.

I mistakenly thought that mean girls were limited to middle and high school… you know what?

They aren’t.Read More »

“Helpful” Parenting Advice: Red Flag That I’m Failing

I always struggle when people “parent” my kids in front of me.

There is a very short list of people who are allowed to make parenting suggestions.

These people tend to have young children, they understand that parenting is hard, that sometimes kids make the decision to be little demons, or that acting like a tantrum isn’t happening might be the best way to end it.Read More »

Navy Blue and Grey: Boring or Just “Plain” Smart


I’m probably the most boring dresser alive.

My favorite clothes are navy blue and grey. I like stripes and solids and that’s about it.

I live in jeans, I don’t do bright colors or wild patterns, I’m not sure I own anything pink, and I don’t do spandex.

I wear a lot of t-shirts, the occasional sweater, hoodie, and superhero shirt.

I don’t wear jewelry except a watch, my hair and makeup are… boring, there’s not a better way to describe them.Read More »

Pee Puddles

Warning: There is going to be a LOT of bathroom talk in this post. If pee makes you sick you probably should move along.

One of my very favorite ways to start the morning is by stepping in a puddle of pee.

I especially love it when it is still dark and I’m wearing socks.

It’s awesome. Oh wait… I hate this.

I would really prefer my kids NEVER come into my bedroom, let alone use the bathroom.

They make a giant mess in there, I want this to be the one place free from legos, juice, and plastic dinos.

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Television as Radio

I have a really hard time sitting down and watching TV.

Actually I have a really hard time sitting down.

I like every activity to have an end goal or accomplishment- writing on this blog has become my latest leisure activity because no matter how poorly written, in the end I have something to show for my time (and I’ve wasted a LOT of time on here).

Ok back to the subject of television.

I can’t sit and watch TV, it makes me anxious.

As I watch I check how many minutes are left, I make lists of the things I should be doing, or I fall asleep.Read More »