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The DOs and DONTs of Road Tripping With Kids


Ok friends, we just got back from a 2500 mile road trip with three kids 6 and under.

Yes, you read that correctly, 2500 miles.

So let’s start off by saying that our extended families live far away…. like 1200+ miles away. Seeing them for the holidays involves extensive travel on our part.

Last year we flew to see the in-laws for Christmas.

Do you know what is worse than driving with three small children?

Flying with three small children  during the holidays. (more…)


Best Mom Advice


When I was a new mom  I got a LOT of advice.

I wanted advice on everything from potty training to college applications (I’m a big picture person).

I was super lucky to be surrounded by some amazing mommas during those first two “experimental” years (thanks Wylie 1st Ladies, y’all rock).

Of all the advice I received, there are three things that have stuck with me: (more…)

Mr. Spreadsheets Teaches Me to Say No

One of the great things about Mr. Spreadsheets is his ability to say no… at home.

He can’t say no at work… no seriously, in the 12 years that I’ve known him, I don’t know that he’s ever said no at work. I think it’s physically impossible for him.

If you’re looking for an AMAZING employee, you can’t get one better than Mr. Spreadsheets.

Anyway back to the actual topic.

Mr. Spreadsheets is excellent at saying no at home.

I am… well let’s just say saying no isn’t one of my strong suits.  (more…)

The Secret to Being a Good Friend is Being a Hufflepuff


I’m a boring person.

I don’t like to do crazy things.

I am also not a fun and exciting friend.

But I’ve decided that while “fun” is… well fun, it isn’t the only thing I want in a friend, or the kind of friend I aspire to be.

I want to be the dependable, dedicated, and loyal friend.

I want to be the friend that you can count on to respond, to show up, and to help.

I’m convinced that 90% of being a good friend is just showing up.

That’s it.

I may feel this way because I’m not fun, I am a Hufflepuff after all. (more…)