The Secret to Being a Good Friend is Being a Hufflepuff


I’m a boring person.

I don’t like to do crazy things.

I am also not a fun and exciting friend.

But I’ve decided that while “fun” is… well fun, it isn’t the only thing I want in a friend, or the kind of friend I aspire to be.

I want to be the dependable, dedicated, and loyal friend.

I want to be the friend that you can count on to respond, to show up, and to help.

I’m convinced that 90% of being a good friend is just showing up.

That’s it.

I may feel this way because I’m not fun, I am a Hufflepuff after all. Continue reading “The Secret to Being a Good Friend is Being a Hufflepuff”


The Best Time of the Year


Don’t let his cute grumpy face fool you, he was THRILLED for school, ready to head out by 7:30am… it starts at 9am. 

I LOVE the start of school.

I mean I may like it even more than I like Christmas… which as a former professional gift wrapper is a lot.

I loved the start of school as a kid and I love it even MORE as a parent.

The start of school is the beginning of something new and fresh.

I know that spring is a time for new beginnings, but I’m going to be honest, spring is actually just a slow allergy ridden countdown to summer.

The start of school on the other hand is the beginning of fall, the beginning of college football (of which I’m only a casual observer), and the beginning of the the holiday season (yes it starts the day after Labor Day).  Continue reading “The Best Time of the Year”

Letting Go of Perfection


Speaking of perfection… isn’t this awesome!

If we’ve met you know I am so far from perfect it’s laughable.

I yell at my kids, my house is a mess, my once promising career has fallen by the wayside, I don’t make gourmet meals, there are days I forget to read my scriptures, sometimes I miss emails from students, you can’t even walk in my laundry room, and sometimes I fail to greet Mr. Spreadsheets with a happy smile (like every single day).

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Is My Sanity Worth Killing the Planet and Wasting Money?


Around the time the Princess was born I had an epiphany- I could kill the planet just a little bit and waste some money, but improve my life significantly.

About a month before the Princess was due I decided to buy a package of paper plates.

Loading and unloading the dishwasher is my least favorite job when 9 months pregnant. All the bending is just too much when you are carrying an 8 pound child, plus the time it took to do all the dishes after every meal it was maddening.

So I gave in and bought a package of 100 paper plates.

You know what, the world didn’t end.

I thought it was going to, but it just kept right on turning.

And you know what else, it was fabulous.

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