Letting Go of Perfection

Speaking of perfection… isn’t this awesome!

If we’ve met you know I am so far from perfect it’s laughable.

I yell at my kids, my house is a mess, my once promising career has fallen by the wayside, I don’t make gourmet meals, there are days I forget to read my scriptures, sometimes I miss emails from students, you can’t even walk in my laundry room, and sometimes I fail to greet Mr. Spreadsheets with a happy smile (like every single day).

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Is My Sanity Worth Killing the Planet and Wasting Money?


Around the time the Princess was born I had an epiphany- I could kill the planet just a little bit and waste some money, but improve my life significantly.

About a month before the Princess was due I decided to buy a package of paper plates.

Loading and unloading the dishwasher is my least favorite job when 9 months pregnant. All the bending is just too much when you are carrying an 8 pound child, plus the time it took to do all the dishes after every meal it was maddening.

So I gave in and bought a package of 100 paper plates.

You know what, the world didn’t end.

I thought it was going to, but it just kept right on turning.

And you know what else, it was fabulous.

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“Helpful” Parenting Advice: Red Flag That I’m Failing

I always struggle when people “parent” my kids in front of me.

There is a very short list of people who are allowed to make parenting suggestions.

These people tend to have young children, they understand that parenting is hard, that sometimes kids make the decision to be little demons, or that acting like a tantrum isn’t happening might be the best way to end it.Read More »

Letting Go of the Guilt and Allowing Time for Self Care


Every time I hear the phrase “self care” I want to punch someone (I guess I want to punch people a lot). There are times when self care sounds a lot like ditching out on responsibilities in favor of engaging in fun activities, and other times when self care sounds like yet another thing I am failing at.

As time has gone on (and some of my anger towards the phrase has subsided), I’ve come to understand that self care is more than just putting aside the to do list.

Self careĀ is engaging in an activity that excites you, builds you up, and helps you perform your daily duties even better.Read More »

7:00pm Bedtime Is Nonnegotiable at My House

By 7:00pm I am done “momming” for the day.

I wish I had more patience and more of an interest in parenting past that time of day, but I don’t.

By 7:00pm I can’t listen to another rendition of the Phenias and Ferb theme song, break up another fight, or see anyone make a mess.

7:00pm bedtime is nonnegotiable (except on rare occasions like Christmas Eve, the 4th of July, and baseball practice).

There are very few reasons that that make me want to prolong the day.

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