“Stop Trying to Squeeze Off Your Sister’s Head!”: The Spreadsheets Do Church Part II

Hair done, bowties on, best time to fight. 

I literally whisper yelled the sentence “STOP trying to squeeze off your sister’s head!” during church today. More specifically I whisper yelled this during the closing prayer, just an FYI things are pretty quiet during prayers.

Today was another amazing church day, I thought that with time AsthmaMan’s church behavior would improve… no, I thought wrong. Instead we’ve gone in the opposite direction.

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“Reverence Is More Than Just Quietly Sitting”: The Spreadsheets Do Church Part 1

The little kids at our church sing a song with the line “reverence is more than just quietly sitting”.

Can we take a few minutes and chat about kids and church.

Our family goes to church every week, we’ve been going to church every week… well forever. So at this point I’d say that my boys have been to church at least 100 times each.

They know what church entails, and yet every week they are surprised by the required reverence.

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