SHUT UP!… a great way to start summer

I love Harry Potter dearly, but I do not love his pre-tween attitudes.

Yes “pre-tween” is a thing.

Harry Potter is a sassy kid. He’s the king of eye rolls, loud sighs, and saying things like “Seriously?!”

I’m sure I deserve his sassiness. I wasn’t a meek and mild child myself. I have a sarcastic side, I have mastered the eye roll, and everyone knows my kids say “seriously” because it’s my favorite overused phrase.

But heaven help me with that attitude. It is going to take ever ounce of self control not to lose my temper with that kid. Read More »


Never Going Out of Town Again… Ever

Nothing makes me appreciate Mr. Spreadsheets more than when he goes out of town.

And nothing makes me swear he is never leaving again like him going out of town.

I have to preface by saying Mr. Spreadsheets isn’t one of those dads who is home at 4pm, playing with the kids, helping with dinner, and then cleaning up and putting kids to bed while I rest on my laurels.

Mr. Spreadsheets is great, but he works… a lot. Read More »

Take Deep Breath And Relax

I’m terrible at relaxing. I think it’s physically impossible for me to just sit and chill out.

No really, I have anxiety about relaxing. I’m just so anxious that I’m not relaxing correctly that I can’t do it.

Rather than sitting down and watching a show, I’d much rather obsessively scrub something… but sometimes…

Sometimes you need a break. Read More »