The Spreadsheets Eat Out


The little Spreadsheets have been to plenty of restaurants.

They love In’N’Out, Chick Fil-A, Firehouse Subs (for the drinks), Rosa’s, and sometimes Phil’s Ice House.

All of these places have one thing in common- no waiters.

On the off chance that we go somewhere with a waiter, the little Spreadsheets are both confused and annoyed.

They cannot understand why we have to wait to pick out food, wait for the food to be brought to us,  and then wait for the check at the end.

To be honest, the way they whine and complain you’d think that In’N’Out had slow service, so you can only imagine their frustration at the waiter concept.

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Getting through the “Off” days

An “Off” day a few months back. Maybe she was just angry to be dressed in her brothers’ hand me downs.

Do you ever have “off” days, sadly I don’t mean days off, if you have kiddos that is a thing of the past. I mean blah days, days where everyone and everything are irritating, where for whatever reason you feel just a little bit yucky, and the only way to improve things is to eat lots of cookies or go to bed, because cookies are awesome and 8 hours without talking to anyone is the best solution.

Kids have off days too.

Because I’m a grown up I have to cope with off days, sure I want to scream and hide in my room, but as that isn’t a realistic option, I get on with my life.

Kids don’t know how to do this. Kids having bad days is much worse than having one yourself.

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Summer Dread

If one more mother tells me how excited she is for summer I am going to slap her.

My anxiety level about summer is WAY to high to be nice at this point.

I love my kids, I do.

I love to be around them, do activities with them, and see them learn and play, but I have to be honest, I do not love to have them all home all day every day.

I’m convinced that the mothers that love summer have kids that behave, kids that sleep, kids that don’t communicate through violence!

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Minivan History

Ok I don’t actually know the history of the minivan, though I will say there is a minivan exhibit at the Smithsonian that is just shocking because I knew people who owned that exact minivan.

I grew up with minivans and have been driving a minivan for the last 5 years. I love them. I know minivans aren’t cool, but I have three kids, seriously any “coolness” I once had ended years ago. Now I just want tons of storage and more cupholders than I can use.

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