The Cast of Characters

The Spreadsheets Family

Brian Silhouette March 2017

Mr. Spreadsheets: Mr. Spreadsheets is my partner is crime. We met when he was just Mr. Wanna-Be-Spreadsheets so it’s been… awhile. He works a lot (no a lot), lives on a steady diet of Coke Zero and little sleep, makes up the best (worst) knock knock jokes,  and wishes that everyone wanted to nap on the weekends.

Michael Silhouette

Harry Potter: He was born in July, has out of control dark hair, and is waiting for his acceptance to Hogwarts. He is cautious, inquisitive, and oh so sassy. He greets every day with a level of enthusiasm and energy that few people other people have. He loves to learn, loves to be right, and is 100% convinced that anything green (or healthy) will make him throw up.

Zach Silhouette

AsthmaMan: AsthmaMan started referring to himself as AsthmaMan shortly after he was diagnosed with asthma, he wants to be a superhero and insists on dressing the part no matter where we are going. He’s crazy, fearless, and hilarious. He is the toughest and bravest person I know. He is self assured, a great sleeper, and has the best imagination I’ve ever seen.

Grace Silhouette

The Princess aka Best Friend: She’s the youngest and the only girl. She looks (and acts) like baby Moana (no really). She is sweet and sassy, keeps up with her brothers, and is EXCELLENT at making her opinions known.  She loves to dance, eat bananas, read books, and snuggle. She’s everybody’s favorite.

Ashley Silhouette Final Updated _edited-1

Ashley: Ashley is the narrator, the chauffeur, the cook, the maid, basically she’s the mom. She’s a Hufflepuff, enough said.